AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

                                       Clean or Masked

Clean faced,  Self Masked,  Full Mask , Reverse Widow's Peak... there are many different looks your Rhodesian may have. None are necessarily  more correct than another.  Just part of the many variations in the breed. Keep it simple for the show ring, is the only advice I can offer when considering this part of your dog's "look". 

A Clean faced dog will have zero black around the nose and lips,  as an example here is our beautiful boy Zion,  He has lovely "eye liner' But the rest of his face is "clean."

A Self Masked dog will have a moderate amount of black around his nose, muzzle and jaw. It may vary a bit in the color, however it will cover about the same space on the muzzle.

 Leonidas has  a "smudged" self mask, bringing the dark eyeliner and lovely eye into play. what a handsome fellow!!

 This very pretty girl, Jasmine, (not our Jasmine) , has a strong self mask, eyeliner and dark ears for a balanced and memorable face.  Again note the dark brown eyes that really provide a dramatic finish!

Here is "Bubba" Ch Southridge One in Only V Sounda ROM We adored this wonderful boy, his temperament and conformation was passed in the litters he sired, we were lucky enough to get a daughter who was my soul puppy.  Bubba had a flashy face that judges enjoyed a great deal.

 A Masked Dog will have a strong black mask that goes from the nose to the bottom of the eyes.  Our Bahamian boy, Bwana's Shaka of Camperdown, "Shaka"

A mask can really give a dog an elegant look that is nearly impossible to forget... Here is Elvis, who's daddy is Bubba from above!

Some masks are really dark and heavy, like Ruby,  Bwana's Simba Moyo in California's Wine Country . Ruby and her kennel mate Zack have been photographed for a book called "Wine Dogs" and can be found on page 227 !

Here are Red and Ginger from Deborah Adams 

Our breed also can have Reverse Masks or "Widow's Peaks" They are very distinctive. Here is Cinnamon, and check out her beautiful collar!. 

  Buda, above, is loved and owned by Mary Starich and his photo was submitted by Julia Runk Jones of Sengei Rhodesian Ridgebacks

What a sweetheart, just look at the love in his eyes !!



Everything is typically more intense when you see it on a puppy... here is Zittah as a baby

 And Zittah a beautiful adult.

 Clean or masked these dogs are filled with love !

An example of a much heavier and darker mask nearly meeting the eyes,  the princess is Rubee and the beach bum is Captain Jack , now known as Bwana's Mile High Prince or Leo. Like Zittah above, these masks will more than adjust somewhat leaving more brown between the mask and the eyeliner.



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