AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.


In 1957 when the Ridgeback was recognized by the AKC they limited coat colors to Wheaten and Red Wheaten.  But in reality it is still not uncommon to have unusual colors pop up in a litter, from brindles to black and tans , two purebred (and often Champion) dogs can produce a little surprise! It still happens today and these dogs are often kept by the breeder or  they are placed as Companions or Pets with a spay neuter contract. I have been lucky to have friends send me photos of some of the more unusual pets they share their lives with. From our standard colors to the more exotic....enjoy !!

This is a very good representation of a true Wheaten.   Deja is a lovely clean wheaten,  a beautiful dark brown eye to match her black nose. I have always called this a Champagne Wheaten.


  For  Red Wheatens... I needed to look no further than  our boy Zeus. A gracious old man indeed! Almost 11 years old. His registered name is Bwana's Rindimo Kubwa Zeus dearly loved by David and Danuta Boggs of Fayetteville, Ga.


And another deep red Wheaten, here is Scout.

One of the first Boys of a different color I ever met was this fellow from the Ridgeback Rodeo several years ago. Unfortunately being veryshy back then I failed to do more than snap his photo and wacth him from afar as he easily passed the Temperament Testing. Tremendously responsive to his owner he was enjoying the day and the company of the other hounds.

This is Tango who lives in  New Jersey, very pretty boy ! Born in a carefully planned purebred litter he is proof positive that surprises can pop up when you least expect them. ( note his lovely long ridge!) ,

Here is yet another color that will show up from time to time, This is "Chocolate" by both name and color of coat.

A  cyber buddy from Scotland , Gillian sent me this wonderful photo from her friend Bonnie Van Der Born, of three different colored pups in the same litter! A Wheaten, Black and Tan and a Blue!! This is an very unusual litter and I would imagine they kept Bonnie on her toes!!

 I am so grateful to the folks who have gone out of their way to send me these great photos. Some breeders prefer to keep anything unusual hidden. In my opinion that's just silly. The dog isn't obsessing, staring in a mirror brooding that they are not one of only two colors. As you can see the black guard hairs in this dog's coat have produced yet another look !   Dozing in the sunlight this contented pooch is not thinking of lost show rings, more likely thinking of future treats to be had, games to be played and trips to take with his family!


Check out this handsome Brindle boy. Keeping in mind the breeds the original developers of the Ridgeback used to create the dog we have today, we can not be surprised when some of their coat patterns and colors pop up. What a gorgeous head this Tiger boy has!


This was an amazing litter in many ways. not simply because it is the biggest I have ever seen 17 puppies whoohoo! But check out the nice variations in coat color.  Thanks for sharing Karen and Eric Watson of Terracotta kennel!

Sorry the quality of these snaps are not quite as good as the others, since many were pulled from very old collections. However look at this litter from Australia. Yes they are purebreds. The pups were about 6-7 weeks old in these snaps.

Not really easy to detect but these are a pair or RRs that are Blue and  Wheaten siblings. Our friend Jenny Authur in Australia sent the photo to us. I love the head on that Blue!


Andrea Williams sent me this great snap showing up close the varigation in all dog's coats. Ridgebacks do not have a single color coat.


                    Old Video clip of an English Pack of Hounds

Old 1935 British film clip of "Lion Dogs" ... Truly an interesting clip of a pack of "English" Hounds.  Note both the coat colors and the head shapes. It is brief so you will have to pay attention :0)  Of course the "facts" are a tad off... Ridgebacks , to my knowledge, did not originate in China lol!


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