AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.



From the Ridgeback standard;"The feet should be compact with well-arched toes, round, tough, elastic pads, protected by hair between the toes and pads. Dewclaws may be removed.  "

Most of the breeders I speak with define the correct foot to be the "Hare" Foot. The middle toes are slightly longer allowing for better grip on the terrain they were designed for.

A "Cat's" Foot is a flashy version of the Hare Foot. With higher and tighter knuckles , the Cat's foot is  a showier foot. One that does not increase grip or ability.  Many Show Kennels breed to continue a cat's foot.


As a Puppy grows it is not uncommon for them to go through a stage where their feet flatten and splay or become a "Camel's" Foot. This reduces the dog's ability to manuver with great agility in sharp turns and real working conditions.  Some dogs do not out grow the flat stage and some kennels will have them pop up even when breeding with great care.

This boy has nice  back feet, well arched and tightly knuckled. But the front feet are very flat and splayed.  Sure does not take away from how happy he looks does it? 

Nails make a huge difference in how a foot will hold up. When your breeder or vet tells you it is important to keep nails short this is not out of concern for your hardwood floors. Check out this  guy's very long nails. Lovely boy, ( BYW the nails were trimed right after the photo taken and will be touched up once a week until back to a safe and normal legnth)


The extra nail causes the dog to rock back to avoid causing injury to the toes and pads. This will take years off of your companion's life.


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