AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

                                      Liver or Black Nose ?

Just when you thought you had made up your mind you wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback now you find out there are more variables.  Male or Female , seems simple enough... you have to decide which look you find the most appealing and what behaviors you are willing to work with for the life of the dog.  In Companion pups you have to take into consideration the fact we would prefer you delay the spay and neuter alteration until the pup is of a certain age. Males generally have filled out and dropped their chests by age 18 months.  Females should not be spayed until they have had their first season to assure proper maturation of their genitalia. Very often in very early spays, bitches can develop a small incontinence issue (as small as a sporadic dribble ) . So we recommend allowing them the single season, then having them altered.   Males are more often more friendly,  steadier and easier to train , Females are often more more aloof,  loyal to their last breath and more intense. I prefer a Bitch household as it is easier to run multiple females than males. But it all comes down to what works for you.

Next  you need to decide Liver or Black nose.  A liver nose is brown, and the eyes will be lighter,  one of many shades of gold. 

Meile in the brush, a liver with lovely golden eyes.

                                                       Orion trying to nap, deeper golden eye with a liver nose.

 The Black nose should have brown eyes. This is a very classical girl,  Scout . 

 Our Mtzee is just beginning to grey in this photo, rich brown eyes compliment her black nose.


  Many breeders believe there is zero difference in personality... but  we firmly believe from our experience the Black nose are better for the first time owner, as they tend to be more laid back. Easier to work with , Bright and generally happy dogs.

Livers also known in the Breed as "LoverNoses" , tend to exhibit more personality.  Our Livers have shown us the wicked sense of humor and intelligence they possess. They tend to ring lead the others in the litter terrorist raids . We prefer an experienced dog owner for our liver puppies.

We have been blessed by both and love them dearly.  Here are examples of puppies with both colors of nose...

This is a clean faced ( no masking) Black nosed pup.

Here  are two males, a Black and Liver nose... Zion and Kota for a side by side view.

Here is a  clean faced Liver nosed pup from friend, Lin Hainlen's 07 litter.


After you have picked out the nose color and sex, companion or show dog you then need to think about markings. I was told when I was little that  "Every small difference brings something else to the personality of your dog"... this has turned out to be so very true!


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