AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

Vos Postulo Magis quam Quam Canis

Roulghly translated to  " You have to be smarter than the dog"  Ridgebacks are not your average breed of easily trained and ammendable dogs. They do not get the concept of Fetch, you keep throwing the damn thing away obviously You don't want it !  You leave food on the counter about 95% of them will counter surf to enjoy what ever you left out. You lock only one latch on a crate then it takes very little effort too figure out how to unlock the other. 

Typically Black noses are more laid back while Liver noses are simply more devious. They have a wicked sense of humor that will keep you on your toes.  I would not trade my years with our Livers for all the money in the world. They educated me and entertained me beyond anything I every thought possible.

This page is dedicated to Jasmine , our first Liver nose and our mose challenging. She delighted in educating me every chance she had. Before Jazz we did not believe in crates, after Jazz they became a necessity. She could use her monkey paws an open any door know from the obvious lever action to round knobs that would frustrate most dogs.  I will never forget being at the Biloxi show site and seeing 4 Ridgebacks galavantin across the parking lot enjoying their run and playing happily. My initial instinct was "What moron didn't secure their dogs?"   Then as we got closer it became obvious We were the morons! Jasmine had opened the RV doors which involved sliding a protective panel and then opening the set of locks. They cam when called happy and out of breath from their romp which had me twisted up in knots. From that point on we never left the RV without deadbothing the doors,it was the only lock she never figured out!

Once in Mobile we were sitting in our normal RV compound. 3 RVs position to increase the companionship and party factor. IT was a miserable weekend raining nearly non stop. As everone knows RRs melt in the rain as we left them in the RV to avoid their discomfort. After an hour of swapping stories I went into the RV to pull out some treat platters and was met by a food of water. Jasmine had covered the sink with the slides and then turned on the water full blast. 80 gallons of water poured down our stairs as she stood there with an " told you so" look on her face. That little adventure required our driving to the manufacturer to have the floor and cabiniets replaced. It was snowing when we arrived and we had 2 bitchec in heat aong with a stud dog. Lucky for us the hotel worked with us.What had been anticipated to be a 3 day job turned into2 and a half week job. We eanredmany things including how to reheat pizza using aluminum foil and the hotel iron LOL.

 Jasmine saved most of her retaliations for me.  I could walk into the RV and my purse would be turned upside down and it's contents sread from one end of the 40 foot RV to the other. Nothing of my husban's would be touched.  She would strip my side of the bed down to the mattress cover yet his side looked as if the made had just been there. She had as I mentioned an evil sense of humor.

She was talented at turning on the generator in the RV never touching the other switches just the Get set.

We will never forget her first litter. He breeder got a puppy back as part of the bargain in buying her.  She loved her Daddy Bruce never forgetting him and always greeting him with a large smile. But when he arrived to take his puppy home she was concerned. Bruce suggested it would be easier on her if we put her up for the exchange. That did not work. When Jazz realized Bruce had taken a puppy she scaled our 8 foot fence and chase him over 5 miles down a very busy highway until we were able to catch her. From the time on as long as she saw Bob hand the puppy into the car she was fine with the transfere.  However no one, not even her beloved Daddy Bruce would steal a puppy from her.

There are so many more stories about our Liver Love but these were simply a few higlights. Should you be lucky enough to ever own a Liver make sure you are up to the task, you Must be smarter than the dog.

I would not train a day ofmy life with here for anything in the world She was indeed my Soul Puppy. Teaching me about the breed in more ways than I could ever have hoped to leanr.



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