AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

                                    Rescue Organizations

Without Rescue Organizations many, many purebred dogs would needlessly be euthanized in Kill Shelters all over the United States.  The individuals who work within these amazing groups save lives and create new families. There are many reasons why dogs end up in shelters and pounds. The worst one is they had a "Breeder" who did not do their job.  Simply breeding a litter and taking your money  is something you would expect of a  Back Yard Breeder or a Puppy Miller. People who purchase a puppy on a whim from a  pet store may very well find out it is more work than they expected and bye bye puppy as soon as it outgrows the cute stage and becomes a lot of work.  Sadly  the economy is creating even more shelter dogs as families are losing their homes and are unable to care for healthy dogs, let alone elderly or dogs with special needs.


We have great respect for the following groups and agencies and the even more incredible folks who work with them.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
PO Box 1023 | Santa Clara, CA 95052
tel: 925.899.4612 |


Two of our personal Favorite sites for Rescue are Etosha and TIRR.  Etosha run by Bonney Williams and TIRR run by Roy Huges are independent  Rescues who value the right to take in not just the obvious purebreds but any dog who looks like a ridgeback or a ridgeback mix.  Both of these incredible folks work long and hard days with little help and very little financial assistance.  No ridgeback is ever turned away.  While Bonney and Etosha will take in Ridgebacks and  RR mixes , (a rarity in organized Rescue), Roy takes in the geriatrics , a rough job as many dogs are dumped into the shelters and pounds when their health issues become a strain on the owners. Roy finds a soft place for the old kids to live out their days, loved and cared for. We have the greatest respect for these folks, helping dogs after the 2008 hurricanes even though they were going through very hard times in their own homes. We can not urge anyone enough, before you think about adding another puppy to your home consider contacting Etosha or TIRR, give a rescue a chance.   Check out Bonney's website and the listing of Rescues residing at Roy's place.

Etosha Rescue

Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue



      For Thoes who love to Shop..... yet  another way to give to  !! 

Start the year off right just for shopping via the internet in honor of Ridgeback Rescue: Join Search for Ridgeback Rescue as your charity. A penny is donated just for searching! (tax deductable)
Over 700 stores listed! (Nordstrom, Petsmart...)You'll NEVER pay more when you reach these stores through  A real Win Win !!  Thanks to Stacey Collins for the tip!!
Support Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc. everytime you search or shop online. It's totally free for you and your charity. Over 800 (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Staples) of your favorite online stores are featured in the Mall, where up to 26% of each purchase and a penny a search goes directly


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