AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

              The Ridges are really just "part" of our breed...




 It is important to understand that in every litter of puppies you may or may not get perfect little ridges.  While it may still be the right of the breeder to choose whether to cull or keep the puppies , at our kennel Every puppy is kept and loved for who they are and how they will change the life of the family they will become part of.

Single crown, multi crown, ridgeless, big fan,  small fan ... it makes no difference to the heart and loyalty this hound possesses. I thought you might like to see some examples of companion quality ridges. These ridges will only  keep a dog out of the show ring and breeding programs. Other than that they are still entirely and always Rhodesian Ridgebacks ! We  insist on  Spay/Neuter agreements in our contracts and we have hefty punitive fees should that agreement be ignored or forgotten. We allow enough time for the puppy to grow, to become the hound that will be everything you may have dreamed of.  But we are adamant about their removal from the breeding pool.  There are far too many dogs in the world that responsible Breeders should breed only the very best representatives.

I put out the call to many fine Breeders in the RRCUS community asking for photos to illustrate how different some of the ridges may be. They, as always responded with great generosity and here are some examples of pups with "alternative or creative" ridges. 

"A rose by any other name....." W. Shakespere

We will start with a Short Ridge....

Next ,  three crowns...

Here is a 4 crown puppy ...

Here is a rather creative fan and ridge...

Some ridges are long and skinny

Some are creative...

Some are very wide...


And a Gorgeous RRR, Ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback I met at the 2008 Ridgeback Rodeo in Pennslyvania ! There are stuldies which suggest the removal of the Ridgeless dogs from the Breeding pool may be the reason for Dermoids. Only an Experienced Breeder would chance breeding a Ridgeless into their line.  Hoever very often the very best specimun in a litter ends up being the Ridge Challenged.   

     Just a few more words about Ridgeless Ridgebacks

Some breeders will deeply discount the price of a Ridgeless, we do not. We offer a small discount as you are buying the temperament and heart of the dog.  Unless you plan to show, a ridge challenged RR can be a bonanza for you! They can participate in everything except the Breed rings and Lure Coursing.  Many RRRS have more titles than their ridged Siblings. Our Bwana could not have been more cherished had he had a show ridge.


  Lady  the Wonder Dog of Lin Hainlin's Past,  Yet another die hard Ridgebacker who began with a RRR Rescue from the pound. 


 The Ridge is there from Birth on. We can determine when they are born if they have a show ridge or are Companion Pups. And just having the ridge does not guarantee a show prospect. Their bites may be off, they may have too much white, they might not have the angulation that you need to win in the rings. While some kennels base their show prospects off of ridge alone they may not realize or care, what a diservice they are doing to the breed as a whole and the owners. You will spend unnecessary money trying to finish a dog who would be far happier on the sofa at home.


 As you can tell , the lack of ridge does not undermine confidence in a pup. This gorgeous boy is the obvious leader of his litter!


 And yet another gorgeous boy, this is Theo. Look at the Wonderful Bone and Conformation,  not to mention I have lost count of people who especially want a masked face like this pup's.

 Look at these adorable and absolutely gorgegous siblings from Intribute Rhodesian Ridgebacks,  How tragic would it have been if the Madej's had not shared our own philosophy about RRRs ? They are sweet, intelligent and typically Ridgeback !

They are often the best specimum in a litter, which may be heart breaking to a Show Kennel but not to the family lucky enough to have the beautiful pup added to their home and hearts! The above girl is Mutare's Ziva Chatfield, simply breath taking!

The RRRs are brilliant con artists, with highly skilled talents at convincing you that You want them to have what They want! lol This is Harley a Rescue, who could deny these eyes anything?  Harley was adopted by one of my puppy failies to be trained as a Service and Therapy Dog .






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