AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ethically Bred and Raised in our Home. Therapy and Show Dogs raised with Children.

Rough housing is a fact of Ridgeback Puppy Life

Allie Rough housing with both her new Momma and sister Sadie.  The RR Pups , like many hound breeds delight in grabbing each other by the scruff of the neck and dragging them about.  It is just one more reason for the whelping box collars. Even after you recognize each pup on sight it helps to protect them form the needle sharp teeth of siblings at play.

What we look for with a Dermoid....

When the skin is pulled taunt from the top of the head to the base of the tail you are feeling for a strand that may be as thin as a thread or as thick as cooked pasta.  Not all of them fully connect to, or are opened to the skin. So you don't always see the Tell Tale dimple or whirlpool.  Many times they are not truly visible without shaving the entire area.  Our vet postulated that in the last week of increased horseplay had caused  Allie's dermoids which had been so small as to be imperceptible  to have inflamed.  You can see the thin strand in the skin from the spine to my knuckle, that is the Dermoid.


How easily they hide ........

Pre Surgery


Once removed.....

  Doesn't look  much but it is a hollow skin tube that   connects from the spine to the outer skin. ( Not all are fully connected or exposed.) Often appearing as a simple dimple or whirlpool mark in the ski, hidden by the hair. Unless you are lucky and they are closed or sealed they fill with dander, dirt , bacteria and hair. All of the above can cause infections that are terribly deadly and all would require massive surgery.  The larger area is the part that connects to the sheath on the spinal column the thinner area would connect  to the skin.  They can be as thin as threads and as thick as cooked pasta! We have practiced for decades looking for them by filling a baggie with jello then adding a strand of dental floss.  About the same texture  only it doesn't wiggle and kiss you as you do your daiy exams.

Post Surgery

The entire neck area is shaved to assure there are no other hard to find Dermoids. Keep in mind a Puppy can have 1 or a dozen+, From the crown of it's head to the base of it's tail.

 Approaching Alllie's Dermoid from two directions revealed one connected Dermoid that had split with one side floating, ( unattached to the skin) either one could cause a problem as she grew up.


Recovery can be a piece of cake!


Allie sharing kisses with Momma Dreamer and Ceatte. She had 7 external stitches, uncounted internal stitches to help minimize the formation of seratomas.  Fluid filled sacs that are trying to replace the lost tissue from the surgery.  Some people grow very alarmed if the seratoma gets very large. ( We have seen them the size of grapefruit on rescues and dogs belonging to Friends) ,  Because of the many levels of stitching and our separating Allie from her siblings for a week, she only developed two lumps the size of pistashcios. They quickly resolved, leaving a small amount of  keloid scar tissue still healing inside.

Favorite on line Information site .

Easy to read answers to the most popular questions:


The Simple Facts about Sinus Dermoids.

In 31 years we have only had one puppy with a Dermoid, Allie born in our 2013 litter. While we palpate daily Allie's was so small and under her whelping box collar I managed to miss it until She was 9 weeks old! We had met her family at a  park to introduce her to her Big Brother, Angus~ Bwana's Against The Odds and her 2 legged family. As the 4 puppies played her collar shifted and I spotted the tell tell dimple!  It was so minor at first I'd hoped I'd imagined it.  Pulling her into my lap I removed the collar and felt her neck once more..... with in seconds I felt the tiny strand of tissue, a tube that connects from the spine to the outer skin.  They are not all opened making them even more difficult to spot.  We explained to her family and offered an immediate refund however they had already fallen for the pup. So we explained she would be at our vet's the next AM and we would keep them informed.

 At 4 weeks old there was zero signs of a Dermoid by sight or palpation.  Allie as she tackles older Brother Cooper.


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